v3.3 - Kanchenjunga Patch 3 - What's New

  • Ability to set read-only variables (Parameters) that can be accessed via node templates. Parameters can be set to control the behavior of nodes during development and deploy time via the GUI interface. CLI and API options are coming soon which will allow the user to set parameters during both refresh and deploy.
  • SSO Authentication to Coalesce via Azure Active Directory
  • Improved switcher to change the view of Node and Column browser between Graph, Node Grid, and Column Grid
  • Improved the "Something went wrong" page when Coalesce encounters a bug. Errors are automatically sent to an on-call engineer for an investigation to improve our product continually.
  • Ability to execute multiple jobs at the same time in a given environment
  • Deleting columns now presents the user with an option to abort the action. We have observed that very few users use the propagate deletion flow when deleting a column from the grid. To kick off deletion propagation, you must now do this from the Column Lineage interface.
  • Various minor improvements to make the app better!