v3.5 - Kanchenjunga Patch 5 - Bug Fixes

  • Previously, you may have expected that specifying a Snowflake warehouse via api call would override the default value. But sadly it didn’t. It should now work as intended.
  • OAuth will now disconnect without making a fuss.
  • Generated documentation for User Defined Nodes now uses the Node Type Name like it should.
  • Loading the app won’t take too long anymore. Hooray!
  • Users would receive a message asking for excessive permissions from Azure Single Sign-On. That was bothersome, so we fixed that.
  • You can now actually view the Run script in generated documentation.
    Occasionally, the Activity Feed did not update the run status automatically. It will now be more punctual.
  • The app would sometimes set multiple default storage locations. It no longer does that.