v5.2.0 - Makalu

✅ What's New

  • The Run Results grid has had a major interface overhaul and now provides a live progress bar, per-stage and per-run metadata, as well as sorting and filtering for many fields. More details here
  • Coalesce now adds Snowflake query tags automatically for every job run via Deploy/Refresh, which provide information about the job's context. Query tags for Create/Run jobs are coming soon!
  • Users can now be deleted/deactivated via the Org Settings menu by Admin users. More details here
  • The Problem Scanner now detects columns that reference tables not in the JOIN string and triggers a problem accordingly
  • There are now a series of helper tokens {{TGT}} similar to the existing {{SRC}} ones, except these look at the current node/column name instead of the source. More details here
  • You can now select a commit in the Deploy Wizard by clicking anywhere in the row, not just the name
  • The SHA of the current git commit is now visible in the git modal
  • Changing the node type is now supported for Multi-Source nodes
  • Source column cells now have tooltips on hover
  • Column Bulk Editor interface improvements so that indentations and hierarchy are easier to notice
  • Storage locations listed in a node's Properties section now show the database and schema associated with that location
  • Column Grid now shows Storage Location as a column
  • The Security Settings page has been renamed Change Password to better reflect its purpose
  • New better-looking workspace launch buttons
  • Improved the quality of errors provided by the coa CLI application to users
  • This release includes minor performance and UI improvements. The app should be running smoother than before.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Updating a workspace now correctly reports a workspace was edited, not an environment
  • Fixed a rare bug where invalid JSON in Parameters could sometimes cause an app crash
  • Fixed a rare race condition bug that could occur when duplicating nodes
  • Fixed a misleading result error on the Deploy page whereby a test would pass, but still be shown as a failure
  • Fixed many other smaller problems and improved error logs