Coalesce Syntax

Learn when to use each type of Coalesce Syntax

Ref functionsGenerate fully qualified database object names.{ ref('STG','CUSTOMER') }} = ”myDB”.”mySCHEMA”.”CUSTOMER”Ref Functions
Helper TokensProvide column or node context to a bulk operation.{{SRC_COL}} = "C_CUSTKEY"Helper Tokens
Selector QueriesSearch for or include Nodes in your Graph, Subgraphs, and/or Jobs.+{ location: WORK name: DIM_CUSTOMER }+} = results in DIM_CUSTOMER + all predecessor and successor objectsSearch Your Node Data
MacrosCreate reusable code in your project.{%- macro even_odd(column) -%} CASE WHEN MOD({{ column }}, 2) = 0 THEN 'EVEN' ELSE 'ODD' END {%- endmacro %}Macros
JinjaUse Jinja with Macros and helper tokens.{{hello_goodbye('{{SRC}}')}}Using Jinja with SQL