What is Coalesce?

Coalesce is a best-of-breed Data Transformation tool for Snowflake.

With Coalesce, you build a directed acyclic graph (DAG) of "nodes" that can then be run on a scheduled basis, producing tested, up-to-date datasets that can then be consumed by the rest of your business.

How is Coalesce different?

Coalesce has been architected from the ground up to scale better in enterprise environments with thousands of tables and where managing data at scale becomes challenging.

The Coalesce product is built around the concept of "metadata" - column and table level information that describes the structure and transformations inside your data warehouse. This metadata makes both designing and deploying data warehouses easier, especially at enterprise scale.

Designing with metadata allows your team to define your data warehouse with column level understanding, standardization with data patterns (templates) and enables granular column-level data modeling.

This metadata is also used to track past, current and desired deployment states of your data warehouse over time. This gives you unparalleled visibility and control of your change management workflows, enabling your team to build and review a plan before deploying changes to the data warehouse.