The Coalesce platform has the following components:

Metadata Repository

Coalesce stores the metadata format for each of your data warehouse environments in a highly scalable NoSQL database (Firebase). This metadata never stores Snowflake data or passwords, it is solely used for storing the metadata configuration of your data warehouse and storing deployment success and failure.

Developer's GUI (Frontend)

The Coalesce frontend communicates on behalf of users when they are logged in via It communicates to the metadata repository and submits commands to Snowflake on your behalf.


Production Infrastructure Overview

Command-Line Interface Tool (coa)

The coa CLI tool is used for executing Coalesce jobs and deployments via the command-line by incorporating our template renderer and database execution engine into a downloadable npm package. The tool can be integrated with CI/CD tools or leveraged for high-security environments requiring database traffic originating from in-network. An outgoing internet connection is required for authentication to the Coalesce platform and for centralized logging of the data pipeline.


CLI Infrastructure Overview