Coalesce supports searching for Nodes through the Node Grid view, which can be helpful when searching for specific ones in a large DAG.

Location of SearchLocation of Search

Location of Search

Search Syntax

Below you'll find a table with the available operators and their effects, along with a screenshot of an example DAG with which you can try the provided usage examples. These will work for both Include and Exclude searches.



Example Usage


Select predecessors or successors to a node, depending on placement at beginning or end.

+STG_SUPPLIER selects predecessors
STG_SUPPLIER+ selects successors


Selects results for either term, like an OR statement.



Selects results for both terms, like an AND statement.



Wildcard character, similar to regex wildcard.


Example Graph for testing the provided searchesExample Graph for testing the provided searches

Example Graph for testing the provided searches

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