v5.0.2 - Makalu - Hotfix 2

  • Reduced the incidence of over-rendering grids and tables in the application, which would occasionally lead to crashes. This may also provide a slight performance increase.
  • Bulk editing the Nullable field on columns now works as expected.

v5.0.1 - Makalu - Hotfix 1

  • Fixed an issue where some Jobs were not migrated to the new Jobs format correctly by not including all predecessor Nodes after the migration. This may have also caused any scheduled Jobs to not run to parity.

v5.0.0 - Makalu - What's New

  • There's now a new Node Selector syntax. This filter is supported in all views. More details are in our Selector article. Note that this represents a breaking change for ad hoc CLI/API jobs that used the previous syntax.
  • There is now a common git repo URL that is shared between all users within the same Organization. This represents a potential breaking change, as you'll need to re-enter your git credentials before you can proceed with git-related tasks.
  • A new version of Jobs is now available. You can use the Node Selector to include or exclude nodes from a Job. More details in our Jobs article.
  • Subgraphs now open in their own tab. See more details in our Subgraphs article.
  • Column grid view now supports bulk editing of non-source columns.
  • Column bulk editor now supports Column Name updates using Jinja2 templates.
  • Grouping by table headers is now available in Node grid view.
  • The problem scanner will notify users about broken refs occurring in the join textbox within a node.
  • If using the Coalesce coa CLI, you must upgrade to version 1.0.167 or later to use the latest features listed above.
  • You can now restart a failed refresh via API - Rerun Failed Refresh/Job or coa CLI CLI Refresh.
  • This release includes significant UI improvements. Hopefully, the app should be even better for everyone.

v5.0.0 - Makalu - Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug that caused the data preview to display the result set from Snowflake incorrectly.
  • Changing the storage location for a node was resulting in some spooky behavior. This bug has been squished.
  • Typing in the source column cascader editor may have resulted in the app crashing. Now, it works.
  • Changing an existing user’s role now works as expected.
  • Previously, bulk editing the Default Value field in the mapping grid wasn’t working. This has been fixed.
  • You may have noticed that the column propagation preview wasn’t working as expected.
  • We will now notify you of invalid storage mappings while adding sources.
  • Notifications for empty storage mappings in the Deploy wizard are more readable now.

v4.2 - Lhotse - Hotfix 2

  • Fixed an issue where mixed case column names wouldn't work as expected.

v4.2 - Lhotse - Hotfix

  • The JSON sample size is used in the Snowflake sample query
  • More efficient sampling of Variant data by only selecting a single column
  • Fixed a JSON parser bug that would cause duplication of columns in some specific scenarios
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some data fields to not display correctly in the data preview pane

v4.2 - Lhotse - Bug Fixes

  • Changing a node's materialization from a Table to a View and then deploying now works as expected.
  • We now correctly calculate dependencies with ref_no_link when deploying metadata, which allows deployments of graphs that are not linear.
  • This release includes minor improvements around Deploy. We'll return you to your regular type of release next time.

v4.1 - Lhotse - What's New

  • You can now choose the nodes you want to deploy using the 'Deploy enabled' toggle or through bulk edit. You can read more details here.
  • We're always working on performance improvements - and this release improves many aspects of the app, including plan calculation times, git modal load times, join editor performance, and overall graph performance.
  • Improved handling of JSON columns.

v4.1 - Lhotse - Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an app crash that could occur with runtime parameters in the generated documentation.
  • You may have noticed an error when two multi-source nodes were open simultaneously. We've fixed this.
  • Previously the QUALIFY keyword was not recognized by our SQL editor, this is no longer a problem.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent new users from being initialized as Admins.
  • Sometimes Coalesce would not launch on first try — this has now been fixed.
  • We've tinkered and polished some rough edges. The app should be better than it was.

v4.0 - Lhotse - Bug Fixes

  • We’ve upgraded some dependencies that the app runs on, resulting in better performance and fewer bugs.
  • Sometimes workspace and environment creation dates could be inaccurate in the UI, this is now fixed.