v3.3 - Kanchenjunga Patch 3 - What's New

  • Ability to set read-only variables (Parameters) that can be accessed via node templates. Parameters can be set to control the behavior of nodes during development and deploy time via the GUI interface. CLI and API options are coming soon which will allow the user to set parameters during both refresh and deploy.
  • SSO Authentication to Coalesce via Azure Active Directory
  • Improved switcher to change the view of Node and Column browser between Graph, Node Grid, and Column Grid
  • Improved the "Something went wrong" page when Coalesce encounters a bug. Errors are automatically sent to an on-call engineer for an investigation to improve our product continually.
  • Ability to execute multiple jobs at the same time in a given environment
  • Deleting columns now presents the user with an option to abort the action. We have observed that very few users use the propagate deletion flow when deleting a column from the grid. To kick off deletion propagation, you must now do this from the Column Lineage interface.
  • Various minor improvements to make the app better!

v3.2 - Kanchenjunga Patch 2 - Bug Fixes

  • Inside of the node mapping grid, we now alphabetically sort all items in the source selector.

v3.2 - Kanchenjunga Patch 2 - What's New

  • We are excited to release multi-branch git support to our customers! You can now check out older versions of your data pipelines, branch for new feature development or implement a hotfix, merge in changes, and handle merge conflicts—all from within the app!
  • Run status now displayed in Node grid to have a tabular view of what is running in your DAG.
  • Introduction of Column-level grid to browse all columns in your DAG. Currently, this feature is read-only...but exciting things are to come!

v3.1.1 - Kanchenjunga Patch 1 Hotfix - Bug Fixes

  • Improved general app performance
  • Addressed a bug that prevented hash column metadata from upgrading to the new format when a node is opened. Please contact support if you are still experiencing issues.

v3.1 - Kanchenjunga Patch 1 - Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where only the first {{ stage() }} in the create template would execute on a deployment

v3.1 - Kanchenjunga Patch 1 - What's New

  • Coalesce Command Line Interface (coa) is now available via npm. You can read more details here.
  • We redesigned our interface for assigning columns to hash columns. Now the order of these columns can be explicitly set.
  • Coalesce no longer pre-fetches data previews during "Run All"
  • General improvements to the UX and internal logging

v3.0 - Kanchenjunga - Bug Fixes

  • Previously, the syntax for the SHA256 hash generator algorithm was incorrect. Now it’s fixed.
  • Writing a join condition caused the text to flicker sometimes. Typing in the Join field is now flicker-free.
  • Minor improvements in general. Hopefully, the app should be even better for everyone.

v3.0 - Kanchenjunga - What's New

  • You can now write node level and column level SQL tests for all node types.
  • Admins now have control over user management.
  • Grid view now supports node search.
  • Introduced a new core UI element to capture more generic user input in a table-like structure.
  • We’ve added new options to the graph tab! You can now Validate create and run, Create all nodes from the graph.
  • Multisource is now supported on the View node type.
  • Bulk edit now supports node and column source mapping.
  • Dimension node type now expires records with milliseconds granularity rather than 1 day in the past.

v2.4.1 - K2 Patch 4.1 - Bug Fixes

  • If you have been having trouble with adding a large number of sources, you should no longer be having them.
  • The app will now correctly check for missing required attributes on all node type.
  • We have made some minor changes to improve the usability of the app.

v2.4.1 - K2 Patch 4.1 - What's New

  • The app now supports Gridview on the build tab. This view can be toggled off or on.
  • We have made changes to the metadata structure. This will include column details for the upstream nodes.