v4.2 - Lhotse - Bug Fixes

  • Changing a node's materialization from a Table to a View and then deploying now works as expected.
  • We now correctly calculate dependencies with ref_no_link when deploying metadata, which allows deployments of graphs that are not linear.
  • This release includes minor improvements around Deploy. We'll return you to your regular type of release next time.

v4.1 - Lhotse - What's New

  • You can now choose the nodes you want to deploy using the 'Deploy enabled' toggle or through bulk edit. You can read more details here.
  • We're always working on performance improvements - and this release improves many aspects of the app, including plan calculation times, git modal load times, join editor performance, and overall graph performance.
  • Improved handling of JSON columns.

v4.1 - Lhotse - Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an app crash that could occur with runtime parameters in the generated documentation.
  • You may have noticed an error when two multi-source nodes were open simultaneously. We've fixed this.
  • Previously the QUALIFY keyword was not recognized by our SQL editor, this is no longer a problem.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent new users from being initialized as Admins.
  • Sometimes Coalesce would not launch on first try — this has now been fixed.
  • We've tinkered and polished some rough edges. The app should be better than it was.

v4.0 - Lhotse - Bug Fixes

  • We’ve upgraded some dependencies that the app runs on, resulting in better performance and fewer bugs.
  • Sometimes workspace and environment creation dates could be inaccurate in the UI, this is now fixed.

v4.0 - Lhotse - What's New

  • Dev Workspaces has landed! You can now develop in parallel without stepping on each other's toes and merge back together when the time is right. Developers, the world is yours! You can read more details about this in our 4.0 guide here.
  • A preference that allows you to choose a default storage location for each node type, instead of using the same location for all of them. For the choosy types.
  • You can now use the {{this}} variable in transforms, joins, and templates. Renders to a ref_no link of the current node.
  • We’ve made some interface improvements to the git integration. Putting our best foot forward.

v3.5 - Kanchenjunga Patch 5 - Bug Fixes

  • Previously, you may have expected that specifying a Snowflake warehouse via api call would override the default value. But sadly it didn’t. It should now work as intended.
  • OAuth will now disconnect without making a fuss.
  • Generated documentation for User Defined Nodes now uses the Node Type Name like it should.
  • Loading the app won’t take too long anymore. Hooray!
  • Users would receive a message asking for excessive permissions from Azure Single Sign-On. That was bothersome, so we fixed that.
  • You can now actually view the Run script in generated documentation.
    Occasionally, the Activity Feed did not update the run status automatically. It will now be more punctual.
  • The app would sometimes set multiple default storage locations. It no longer does that.

v3.5 - Kanchenjunga Patch 5 - What's New

  • Bulk edit is now available in Node Grid view for mass updating of Node Types or Storage Locations! Edit nodes to your heart’s content.
  • You can now export your Run results via coa CLI.
  • The app now allows users to specify additional attributes for system columns such as nullability, default value, or description.
  • You can now view your subgraphs in alphabetical order on the left sidebar.
  • Coalesce will now gracefully take you to a 404 error page when we cannot find what you’re looking for.
  • Thanks to a few tweaks and polishes, the app should be running smoother than before.

v3.4 - Kanchenjunga Patch 4 - Bug Fixes

  • Previously, the node type editor had developed a distracting text overflow issue. That has been fixed now.
  • Clearing your search from the source cascader no longer throws an error.
  • Pagination for Job history now works as expected.
  • Improved issues with git versions
  • Improved column lineage calculation
  • Fixed a bug where column propagation would not create a new column correctly
  • Fixed performance issues with the source select dropdown
  • We tweaked many other issues as well

v3.4 - Kanchenjunga Patch 4 - What's New

  • You can now use profiles to set frequently used configurations in the coa command-line interface.
  • Key pair authentication is now available for coa CLI.
  • Override Snowflake authentication parameters via API and CLI.
  • Viewing a node ID for a node is just a hover away.
  • Run node refreshes via CLI selector syntax (limited support).

v3.3 - Kanchenjunga Patch 3 - Bug Fixes

  • "Validate Run All" from the graph actually ran the nodes rather than appending the SQL with EXPLAIN. This is now working as expected.