v7.2.8 Dhaulagiri

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where a View node with no columns would return an error during deploy and refresh.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements.


v7.2.7 Dhaulagiri

Coalesce Packages

We're excited to launch Coalesce Packages!

Packages are curated collections of node types that make it faster to build data projects in a sustainable and standardized way. Use packages to streamline your development by removing repetitive work and focusing more on your data.

Data teams can choose from a variety of Packages that are designed to:

  • Speed up foundational development activities with basic, ready-made node types for Work, Dimension, Fact, and View tables.

  • Maximize the power of Snowflake innovation with support for Dynamic Tables, Streams & Tasks, Materialized Views, Snowflake Cortex ML-based functions, external data loading with Snowpark, and more.

  • Streamline work on methodology-related initiatives such as building a Data Vault.

Accelerate AI- and ML-focused innovation with custom node types to operationalize anomaly detection, forecasting, sentiment analysis, and more in Snowflake data pipelines.

Read our documentation on Packages to get started.

Browse the Coalesce Marketplace for available packages.

Git Repo Format Upgrade

We have updated the way files are committed into Git. Previously it was split into a data.yml and the specific nodes.yml files. Now you can see the changes for:

  • Node Types

  • Environment Mappings

  • Subgraphs

  • Jobs

  • Macros

  • Packages

How to Opt-In

Organization Administrators can turn it on for the whole organization. Go to Org Settings > Preferences and Enable Git Repository Format Update. Once enabled, all Workspace users will be prompted to switch to the new format. They won't be able to make commits until they switch to the new format.

  • Users will be notified the upgrade is available, but will not be able to upgrade.

  • Previously committed metadata can still be deployed after the upgrade.

Learn more about what gets committed in What Gets Committed.

🛑Action Required🛑

Git Repo Format Upgrade

Git Repo Format Upgrade is opt-in until August 1, 2024. After August 1, 2024, all Git repos will be automatically updated.

Coalesce CLI

Upgrade your Coalesce CLI to version 7.0.18. Versions below 7.0.18 will not be compatible with Coalesce version 7.2.x and above.

If you use the CLI and HAVE NOT upgraded to the new Git Repo Format, you have until August 1, 2024 to upgrade your CLI. After August 1, 2024, the Git Repo Format Upgrade will be turned on for all Coalesce organizations and any CLI versions below 7.0.18 will not be compatible with Coalesce versions 7.2.x and above.

If you have upgraded to the new Git Repo Format and use the Coalesce CLI, please upgrade your CLI version to prevent interruptions in workflow.


We’ve made our Git integration even better. 

  • Improvements to the Force Checkout screen so it's easier to understand what happens in a force checkout.

  • Checking out branches has improved. With easier to understand messages and clearer understanding of what happens to commits when changing branches.

  • Added two columns for Used by Workspace and Deployed In Environment so you know where your commits are being used and deployed.

  • The Git Modal header now shows your current branch, current commit, and if you have any uncommitted changes.

  • Merging branches provides better feedback.

Take a look at our revamped Git Integration documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where business keys were being duplicated when the column was copied.

  • Fixed an issue where the Create and Run buttons were removed from User-Defined Nodes.

  • Fixed an issue where the table description would show in the column documentation.

  • Fixed an issue where the Node name is cut off when viewing the Column Lineage.

  • Fixed an issue where during deployment, if the table already exists in Snowflake and a node is deployed with a matching name , but different data, then the table is dropped and re-created during deployment. Now, during deployment, the table is cloned and temporary columns are created.

  • Fixed an issue where certain Multi-source View nodes that were changed from UNION to UNION ALL were not recognized during the deployment.

  • Fixed an issue where dragging columns into the Mapping Grid was sometimes unavailable.

  • Fixed an issue where new Environments configured with Key Pair authentication would not be able to use the Storage Mapping screen.


There's a lot of new content to help you use Coalesce.

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v7.0.18 Dhaulagiri

Bug Fixes

This release includes performance improvements and bug fixes.


v7.0.17 Dhaulagiri

Bug Fixes

This release includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

v7.0.16 Dhaulagiri

We've rolled out our new release, Dhaulagiri 7.0.0. This release focuses on making the platform faster and more reliable.

What's New


CLI option to set Coalesce domain, making it easier for PrivateLink and Non-U.S. based customers to configure coawithout needing to set environment variables.

Config file example

domain=your deployment server. For example,
snowflakeAuthType=Basic or KeyPair

CLI Example

$ coa --domain="your deployment server" refresh

Learn more in CLI Setup.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

We now support the same SSO user logging into multiple orgs.


  • We made some minor UI improvements to:

    • User and Org settings

    • Node Type menu

    • User Credentials form

    • Node failure in a Workspace, now shows the node name instead of the node ID.

  • The Node Graph is easier to navigate because of improvements to zooming and panning.

  • YAML validation was improved by preventing invalid metadata from being checked out.

  • Storage Mappings alert users if they aren't authorized for the database or if the database doesn't exist.

  • If an unauthenticated user tries to visit a link that requires authentication, they'll be redirected to the login page. After logging in, they'll be taken back to the page they were trying to visit.

  • Hidden or enableIf=false config items don't show up in documentation anymore.

  • Override Create SQL in View Node now adds double quotes to column names.

Bug Fixes

  • Get Job Status endpoint succeeds for Workspace runs when launched from the API.

  • Bulk editing only hash columns now succeeds.

  • Fixed issue with coa CLI not working behind some network proxies.


We've made a lot of changes to our documentation.


We've organized the documentation so you can find the content where you need it. If you're working on Building Your Pipeline or Deploying Your Pipeline, you can find the content you need.

New Content

There's a lot of new content to help you use Coalesce.


Let us know what you think of the changes by taking our documentation survey.

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v6.2.28 Cho Oyu

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • This release includes performance upgrades to the Deployment Wizard.

v6.2.27 Cho Oyu

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • This release includes logging improvements.

v6.2.26 Cho Oyu

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • This release includes logging improvements.

v6.2.25 Cho Oyu

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • This release includes logging improvements.

v6.2.24 Cho Oyu

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • This release includes logging improvements.