Deploying to an Environment

Before Deployment

  • Ensure git has been set up and what you want to deploy has been committed to a git branch
  • Ensure Snowflake credentials have been entered and are working for any Environments you plan to Deploy

The Deployment Wizard

To deploy an Environment, click on ⋮ (vertical ellipsis) and select Deploy. This will open the Deploy Wizard that will guide you through deployment.


Starting the Deploy Wizard


On the Package screen you can choose which branch and commit you'd like to deploy to your Environment.


Choosing a branch and commit


Here you'll see your default parameters for the environment and have the opportunity to override them for this specific deploy. You can read more about this feature here.


Parameters for deployment

Review Plan

Here you'll see all metadata and generated SQL (DDL) that will run during the deployment. The user should review this screen to ensure everything is as intended.


The Review Plan screen

Results of a Deployment

To see details of a run (Deployment or Refresh), click on that run's entry in the Activity Feed. Here's an example of a relatively small deployment -

Example Deployment Run

Example Deployment Run

One can see connection details, parameters used, and details for each query/stage within the run. There's also a link to the corresponding Snowflake Query ID for your convenience.


Sorting Tip

Column headers can be dragged to set row groups.

What’s Next

Deployments can also be triggered via the command line tool coa.