Rollback a Deployment

The following approach will rollback data structures, but will not restore data to its previous state in the case of tables/columns that were restored via the rollback operation. If you are restoring a table or column as part of the rollback operation, you should leverage Snowflake Time Travel to reinstate your data to its intended state after you have completed the rollback of your data structures

How To Rollback a Deployment in Coalesce

To rollback a deployment in Coalesce and restore your Environment to its prior state in terms of data structures, you can redeploy the commit that was deployed just prior to the deployment you wish to rollback. This will rollback to what was previously deployed in terms of data structures:

  • Any new tables or columns that were created in Snowflake in the deployment you are rolling back will be dropped.
  • Any prior tables or columns that were dropped during the deployment will be recreated.
  • Any column that was ALTERed in the deployment you are rolling back will be re-ALTERed to restore its previous state.