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Base Node Types

Coalesce base node types to construct facts and dimensions.

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Base Node Types Advanced Deploy

The Coalesce Advanced Deploy nodes are nodes that allows you to develop and deploy objects in Snowflake.

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Leverage the power of Snowflake Cortex functions from within Coalesce.

Data Vault By Scalefree

Data Vault for Coalesce powered by Scalefree.

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Dynamic Tables

Dynamic tables simplify data engineering in Snowflake by providing a reliable, cost-effective, and automated way to transform data.

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Provides tools for loading and managing external data in Snowflake, including schema inference, data copying, and unloading, API integration, and parsing of Excel files.

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Incremental Loading

Nodes designed for immediate use in incremental data loading.

Coalesce Certified Package

Materialized View

A materialized view is a pre-computed dataset derived from a query, stored for faster querying than against the base table.

Coalesce Certified Package

Streams And Tasks

Snowflake streams and tasks out of the box.

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