Data Vault by Scalefree


Data Vault for Coalesce powered by Scalefree.


  • Copy the Package ID @coalesce/data-vault-by-scalefree.
  • In Coalesce, open the Workspace where you wish to install the package.
  • Go to the Build Setting of the Workspace, tab Packages, and click the Install button on the top right of the page.
  • Paste the Package ID, and proceed with the installation process.


Welcome to datavault4coalesce!


The following documentation sheds some light on the node types that have been developed by Scalefree to make your Coalesce-Experience more comfortable! The documentation can be found by clicking the links in the sidebar on the right side. In the documentation, the macros and their parameters are explained and further exemplified.

NOTE: Coalesce has released a Hands-On Guide for using Datavault4Coalesce. Check it our here!

Included node types

  • Staging Area
  • Hubs, Links & Satellites
  • PIT Tables
  • Snapshot Control

With datavault4coalesce you will get a lot of awesome features, including:


  • Ghost Records
  • Multi Batch Processing
  • Automatic PIT cleanup based on logarithmic snapshot logic
  • Pattern based on years of experience in Data Vault Loading
  • Virtual Load Enddate


To use the node types efficiently, there are a few prerequisites you need to provide: - Coalesce Environment connected to a Snowflake Instance - Basic Data Vault Knowledge (If this is new to you, check the following Article)


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Version # Release Date Notes
1.0.0 June 11, 2024


If you need help, please see our support section or contact us.

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