We've rolled out our new release, Dhaulagiri 7.0.0. This release focuses on making the platform faster and more reliable.

What's New


CLI option to set Coalesce domain, making it easier for PrivateLink and Non-U.S. based customers to configure coawithout needing to set environment variables.

Config file example

domain=your deployment server. For example, https://app.eu.coalescesoftware.io
snowflakeAuthType=Basic or KeyPair

CLI Example

$ coa --domain="your deployment server" refresh

Learn more in CLI Setup.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

We now support the same SSO user logging into multiple orgs.


  • We made some minor UI improvements to:

    • User and Org settings

    • Node Type menu

    • User Credentials form

    • Node failure in a Workspace, now shows the node name instead of the node ID.

  • The Node Graph is easier to navigate because of improvements to zooming and panning.

  • YAML validation was improved by preventing invalid metadata from being checked out.

  • Storage Mappings alert users if they aren't authorized for the database or if the database doesn't exist.

  • If an unauthenticated user tries to visit a link that requires authentication, they'll be redirected to the login page. After logging in, they'll be taken back to the page they were trying to visit.

  • Hidden or enableIf=false config items don't show up in documentation anymore.

  • Override Create SQL in View Node now adds double quotes to column names.

Bug Fixes

  • Get Job Status endpoint succeeds for Workspace runs when launched from the API.

  • Bulk editing only hash columns now succeeds.

  • Fixed issue with coa CLI not working behind some network proxies.


We've made a lot of changes to our documentation.


We've organized the documentation so you can find the content where you need it. If you're working on Building Your Pipeline or Deploying Your Pipeline, you can find the content you need.

New Content

There's a lot of new content to help you use Coalesce.


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