v5.1.0 - Makalu

✅ What's New

  • Coalesce now synchronizes its metadata with Snowflake when creating a deployment plan. Users should be able to preview changes like non-existence or materialization (View/Table) and column-level mismatches during plan generation.
  • Users now have the option to store their Snowflake credentials within Coalesce's secure cloud secrets vault.
  • You can now set the Warehouse on a Node level. See Overriding Warehouse. This is currently supported only for Environments. Support for Development Workspaces is coming soon.
  • Users can now set the degree of parallelism of a Refresh in an Environment via a CLI parameter or from the API request body. Support for Development Workspaces is coming soon. See Start Refresh / Job
  • The app now highlights the drop zone when you drag a Node or a column.
  • Out-Of-The-Box Node Types have been tweaked to escape special characters in the column and Node descriptions, so you may see some changes to commit in the git modal.
  • Application version is now visible in Support Information, and users will be prompted to refresh the page for updates in the Problem Scanner.
  • The Problem Scanner now detects more potential issues with the app and your graph than before, so you may see it mention problems that were in your graph previously, not necessarily problems caused by the upgrade.
  • This release includes minor performance improvements. The app should be running smoother than before.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Grouping by headers is now available in the Column Grid view.
  • Run results will now display queued Nodes, alongside running, successful, and failed Nodes.
  • Source Nodes will now capture Node and column-level descriptions.
  • Column lineage now shows the lineage for upstream variant columns.
  • Deploy wizard will now display a helpful error message when you have an invalid UDN.
  • The app will now let you delete an Environment from the Deploy tab.
  • The Git modal will now dutifully let you know when Fetch fails.
  • Drag-and-drop behavior for nodes with hash columns has been improved.
  • Discarding your changes with an open subgraph no longer causes the app to crash.
  • Refreshing sources in the Add Sources modal has been improved.
  • Crashes related to Generated Documentation have been resolved.