v5.4.0 - Makalu

✅ What's New

  • The git repository will now be automatically cloned in the browser, if previously configured. This will provide a more seamless experience when accessing the app from different computers or browsers.
  • Users can now change the generated default join statement for a UDN using a Jinja template. More details in our docs here.
  • We now support self-hosted git repositories from most git providers.
  • Improved node bulk editing so that it shows a preview like the column bulk editor.
  • The mapping grid now displays which columns are used in a hash.
  • New nodes can now be created based on a selection of columns, even if they’re in different nodes.
  • The problem scanner is now a caution sign instead of a bell.
  • The forceIgnoreWorkspaceStatus option now works for CLI re-runs.
  • Minor performance and UI improvements, making the app smoother and more user-friendly.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • CLI Error messaging improvements.
  • Fixed bugs around swapping git repositories to make the experience better.
  • Re-running a failed job in our CLI application now re-runs from the previous failure point.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when trying to create nodes of invalid node types.
  • Fixed a bug that could make transforms on a multi-source node difficult to edit.
  • Fixed an issue with generated documentation for graphs that lacked source nodes.
  • Fixed an issue where a corrupt node type could prevent generated documentation from rendering.
  • Fixed many other small bugs to improve the overall user experience.