Deploy Using the CLI

This guide goes over deploying your environment using the Coalesce coa CLI tool.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have the following setup before deploying using coa.

CLI Installed

Install coa by following the instructions in CLI Setup.

Git Repository

You need to have a Git Repository with your pipeline information added.

Environment Configured

Step 1: Open Your Repository

You need to be in the correct repository with the commit you want to deploy before moving onto step 2.

Step 2: Create a Plan

This step assumed you've installed coa.

Before you can deploy, you need to create a plan. The plan details the environment, Snowflake credentials, and what will be deployed. You can create the plan as many times as needed before you deploy. It is based on the repo/branch and the environment configuration.

Run coa plan. This will generate a coa-plan.json. Open the file to review the plan information.

  1. Review the targetEnvironment, this is the environment where the deploy will happen. You can see the environment ID in multiple locations:

    1. The UI by going to Build Settings> Environments.

      The environment IDs are 2 and 6 in this example.

      The environment IDs are 2 and 6 in this example.

    2. Get a List of Environments using the API.

    3. The environment ID is set by either:

      1. Hardcoding the information in the .coa file
      2. Setting it manually in the command line. coa plan --environmentID 6. You can also override the .coa file by using the command line.
  2. You can also review plan object, which includes tables that have been deleted, added, or altered. You can also see jobs, parameters, macros, and other deployment information.

    1. If you want to change the plan object, make your edits in the Coalesce app then update your local branch. We don't recommend updating the plan file directly.


CLI Options

Review the CLI Commands for a full list of command line options.

Step 3: Deploy Your Plan

Run coa deploy.This will execute the plan you just created.

Review the Deploy Status

You can review the status deploy status by:

  • Going to the run in Coalesce App and clicking on the deploy.

  • If you're using the cli, adding the --out flag to print the results in JSON format.

  • Using the API, List Run Results, using the runID. The run ID is listed in the deploy information.