Jobs contain a subset of Nodes defined by a Node Selector query. These Jobs can be run within a development Workspace manually in the UI, or a Job can be triggered for an Environment by calling the Start Refresh / Job API or CLI Refresh.

Creating Jobs

Jobs can be created by clicking on the + icon in the Jobs tree sidebar.

Creating a jobCreating a job

Creating a job

Editing a Job

Jobs are defined by their include/exclude queries. See the Selector article for details on the syntax for these queries. Jobs can also be modified by dragging and dropping Nodes or Subgraphs into the include/exclude text boxes, Graph, Node Grid, or Column Grid of a Job.

Adding nodes to a jobAdding nodes to a job

Adding nodes to a job

Nodes can only be removed from the Job by modifying the include/exclude query.

Removing nodes from a jobRemoving nodes from a job

Removing nodes from a job

Additional options are available in the context menu for a Job on the left sidebar.

Available actions for a JobAvailable actions for a Job

Available actions for a Job

Committing Changes

Jobs need to be committed into git and deployed to an environment before they can be used. You can read more about making commits in our Git Integration article.

Running a Job

Refresh jobs can be triggered via our API or using our CLI tool coa. See our Refreshing an Environment article for more details.