The Coalesce APIs use REST to allow you to integrate with Coalesce and scale your application. Use the API to run Jobs and get information about your Nodes and Environments.

Postman Collection

If you're already familiar with the Coalesce API, grab our Postman Collection.

Run In Postman

Available Endpoints

get List Environments /api/v1/environments Returns a list of all Environments for the app.
get Get Environment /api/v1/environments/{environmentID}Returns information about a specific Environment.
get List all Environment Nodes /api/v1/environments/{environmentID}/nodesReturns a list of all Nodes in an Environment
get Get a Environment Node /api/v1/environments/{environmentID}/nodes/{nodeID}Returns information about a specific Node in an Environment.
get List Runs /api/v1/runsReturns information about a deploy or refresh.
get Get Run /api/v1/runs/{runID}Returns information about a specific deploy or refresh.
get List Run Status /api/v1/runs/{runID}/resultsGet the status of a finish deploy or refresh.
post Start a Job /scheduler/startRunStart a Job.
get Get Job Status /scheduler/runStatusGet the status of an in progress or completed Job.
post Re-run Job /scheduler/rerunRe-run a Job
post Cancel Running Job /scheduler/cancelRunCancel a running Job.