The API explorer is divided into three parts

  • API menu
  • API details
  • API request

API Menu

Use the menu to navigate between the different endpoints. Each point will list the request type next to the name. JUMP TO will take you directly to the endpoint without having to scroll through the menu.

API explorer menu

API explorer menu

API Details

The API details contains the API name, endpoint, any requests that been made recently, any parameters required to make the request, and responses. If parameters are part of an object, they are nested and you can expand them by clicking the plus sign.

API Details

API Details

API Request

The API request contains code samples in multiple languages. Select your language from the options above the Authorization. There more available in the expanded menu.

You can also make API requests.

  1. Add your access token to the Authorization field.
  2. Select your Base URL.
  3. If required, check the API details and add any required fields. As you add in information, you'll see the code sample update.
  4. Click the Try It button.
Make an API request

Make an API request


Jobs API

Making a request is not available for the Jobs API.