Coalesce Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to working with Coalesce. Use them to make your Coalesce app more robust and efficient.

Before Starting With Coalesce

  • You'll need access to Snowflake.
    • The data in Snowflake needs to be set to READ for sources. A source is the data Coalesce will read for data transformations.
    • Targets in Snowflake need to be READ/WRITE. A target is where Coalesce will write data transformations.
  • Google Chrome is the only supported browser.
  • Sign up for Coalesce.
  • To follow tutorials, install the Snowflake sample data. It's included if you're on a Snowflake trial.

Organization Setup

  • Configure Version Control
    • Choose a provider.
    • Each user will need their own provider account and create a personal access token for Coalesce.
    • Each user will need to be in the organization's account.
    • It's recommended to create a new repository for Coalesce.
  • Networking
  • Review the requirements for virtual desktops (optional).
  • Add users

Project Setup

  • An Organization Administrator will need to create a new Project and configure Git during the process.
    • One repository per project is recommended.
  • Create a new Workspace in the Project.
    • Decide how you want to connect your Workspace to Snowflake.
    • Configure your Storage Location and Mappings. A good rule is to create target schemas in Snowflake for DEV, QA, and Production. Then map them in Coalesce.
  • Create your Environments.
    • A good idea is to create environments for DEV, QA, and Production matching the Storage Mappings.
    • You'll have to connect each environment to Snowflake. .
  • Have each user join the Project they'll be working on and connect to their Git accounts.

Deploy Your Pipeline

Refresh Your Pipeline