v5.0.0 - Makalu - What's New

  • There's now a new Node Selector syntax. This filter is supported in all views. More details are in our Selector article. Note that this represents a breaking change for ad hoc CLI/API jobs that used the previous syntax.
  • There is now a common git repo URL that is shared between all users within the same Organization. This represents a potential breaking change, as you'll need to re-enter your git credentials before you can proceed with git-related tasks.
  • A new version of Jobs is now available. You can use the Node Selector to include or exclude nodes from a Job. More details in our Jobs article.
  • Subgraphs now open in their own tab. See more details in our Subgraphs article.
  • Column grid view now supports bulk editing of non-source columns.
  • Column bulk editor now supports Column Name updates using Jinja2 templates.
  • Grouping by table headers is now available in Node grid view.
  • The problem scanner will notify users about broken refs occurring in the join textbox within a node.
  • If using the Coalesce coa CLI, you must upgrade to version 1.0.167 or later to use the latest features listed above.
  • You can now restart a failed refresh via API - Rerun Failed Refresh/Job or coa CLI CLI Refresh.
  • This release includes significant UI improvements. Hopefully, the app should be even better for everyone.