Advanced Node Functionality

Overriding Warehouse


Required Version

Requires CLI Version 1.0.168 or greater

When creating a Snowflake connection, the user can specify a warehouse that should be used to refresh a job. However, in some use cases, you must override the warehouse for a subset of Nodes within a DAG.

Common examples include:

  • Using larger compute resources to get a performance boost on a complex transformation
  • Keep track of costs by running certain transformations on department-specific warehouses

Coalesce maintains the state of which warehouse is used before/after a Node is executed. If a user executes the USE WAREHOUSE query, this will persist for the entirety of the Node run but revert to the previous warehouse when continuing to the next Node in the DAG.

You can define a stage to set the current warehouse anywhere within a UDN template.

{{ stage('Set Warehouse') }}
USE WAREHOUSE <warehouse_name>


Not supported in Development Workspaces at this time

Override warehouse is only supported in environments.

Although USE WAREHOUSE can be executed in a development workspace, Coalesce does not revert the warehouse back to the default before continuing.

In addition, within a development workspace, there is a possibility that the set warehouse effects other nodes running in parallel.

Override warehouse will be coming to Development Workspaces in a future release.