Bulk Editing

Coalesce supports bulk editing of columns in Column grid view and Mapping Grid.

Access Bulk Editing

  1. You can access bulk editing from the browser by changing your view to Column Grid, or directly in a node from the Mapping View.
  2. Select the columns you want to by holding Command (Mac) or CTRL (Windows).
  3. Right click and select Bulk Edit Columns.
  4. This will open up a window where you can select the Attributes you would like to edit.
  5. Click on Preview to view the changes and click on Update to apply those changes to the columns.
Bulk edit - Jinja support with column var

Preview and Update columns

Available Attributes


Any appropriate Snowflake SQL transformations are allowed here.
Jinja, as well as macros, may be used, however, they will be stored in their raw Jinja form. However, the Jinja will be rendered when the node is executed.

Helper Tokens Allowed: Yes

Data Type

Any appropriate Snowflake SQL data type.

Helper Tokens Allowed: No


  • Operation:
    • Node: Replace column reference with a matching column from the specified node in the Source selector.
    • Node and Column: Replace column reference with the specified node and column in the Source selector.
  • Source: Used to specify { Node | Node and Column } to be used in the bulk edit.

Helper Tokens Allowed: Not applicable


Helper Tokens Allowed: Not applicable

Default Value

Helper Tokens Allowed: Not applicable


Helper Tokens Allowed: Not applicable

Helper Tokens

These tokens are replaced during a bulk operation to provide column or node context to the operation.

{{SRC}}fully qualified source node and column"CUSTOMER"."C_CUSTKEY"
{{SRC_COL}}source column name"C_CUSTKEY"
{{SRC_NODE}}source node name"CUSTOMER"
{{TGT}}fully qualified current node and column"STG_CUSTOMER"."C_CUSTKEY"
{{TGT_COL}}current column name"C_CUSTKEY"
{{TGT_NODE}}current node name"STG_CUSTOMER"


Helper Tokens Rules

  • The tokens are case-sensitive and space-sensitive.
  • They must be uppercase with no spaces.
  • Helper Tokens are not Jinja variables despite their appearance.

Using Helper Token

Let's say you want to add an IFNULL transformation to several columns.

In this case, you can use {{SRC}} to make this operation quick and easy. First, select the columns from the grid that you wish to modify the transform on. Then, select Transform from the attributes list.

Add the transform as NVL( {{SRC}} , 'some other value' ).

Editing Column Name

Column bulk editor also supports Jinja for the Column name attribute.

  column: {
  }, // the column being edited
  columns: [], // all columns, including the current one
  storageLocations: [] // currently available storage locations
  config: {} // any user defined config attributes defined in node spec
  sources: [] // all sources for current node
  node: {} // all current node metadata
  this: {} // {{ ref_no_link for current node }} 
  parameters: "" // runtime parameters

Add in a prefix

myPrefix_{{ column.name }}

Removing foo from a column name

{{ column.name | replace("foo", "") }}

Change all column names to UPPER

{{ column.name | upper }}