Column Lineage

Take a look at our short video on column lineage or keep reading for more.

Column Lineage Walkthrough

Coalesce includes a way to quickly view the lineage of each column as it is transformed throughout your nodes. We'll be using the following Node Graph in examples.


Example DAG

To view Column Lineage, take the following steps:

  1. Open a node
  2. Right-click on any populated column and select View Column Lineage

Selecting View Column Lineage

  1. You'll now be in a new tab with the current Node highlighted in blue

From here you can select different columns of the selected node and it's lineage will be highlighted across the relevant Nodes. If you'd like to see lineage for columns in other Nodes, you can click ⋮ and then View Lineage on the others like in the following screenshot.


Viewing Lineage on different nodes

Adaptive DDL

Each individual column can have its addition and deletion to other nodes propagated as well by clicking on ⋮ and selecting the relevant option.


Column propagation