Node Types

The Node Types section shows all the currently available node types that can be used in the DAG.


All node types and nodes can be checked in to git and deployed to the environment.

Each node type is defined by a node specification YAML file, a Create Template and a Run Template.

The node specification consists of the following:

  • Attributes of the node type (such as name prefix, graph color)
  • UI elements that are used to configure the attributes of each individual instance of that node type

The Create Template for a Node is executed during Deploy, while the Run Template is executed during Run/Refresh.

Coalesce comes with several built-in node types out-of-the-box which are not editable. However, they can be duplicated and edited, or new ones can be made from scratch.

Node Types InterfaceNode Types Interface

Node Types Interface




This is the type of node. Coalesce provides the Dimension, Fact, Stage, View, and Persistent Stage node types, but a user can also create a new type.


Green indicates all aspects of that node type are valid
Red indicates there is invalid info within the node type that needs to be revised


All node types can be duplicated for further customization. The name of this duplicate will default to Copy of <Node Type> but can be modified in the Node Type Editor. Additionally, custom node types can be edited.

Note: Default node types and node types in use in the application or node type editor cannot be deleted.


This feature allows a user to add any Enabled node types in the Graph Build .

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