Projects Overview

In these guides you'll go step by step though the process of setting up your Coalesce project.

Project Setup Steps

  1. Create a Project.
    1. A project is where you'll organize your work.
  2. Create a Workspace.
    1. A workspace is where you'll build you data pipelines.
  3. Connect to Git.
    1. Connect to Git to save you work and collaborate as a team.
  4. Decide how you want to connect to Snowflake.
    1. Connect your Snowflake data to Coalesce.
  5. Add your Storage Locations and Storage Mappings.
    1. Map your Snowflake data to Coalesce to use in your workspace and environments.
  6. Add a Data Source.
    1. Add data from your connected Snowflake database to your DAG to start building.