Git Settings

Coalesce makes it simple to connect to your preferred git-based version control system.

Supported Git Providers

Please note that while we may not test all Git providers, most will likely work with our platform.

Generate an Authentication Token

For security reasons, most cloud git hosting websites have moved away from allowing users to authenticate using a username and password to remotely access any repositories they may own in favor of generated token authentication, also sometimes referred to as Personal Access Tokens (PAT).

Configure Git Settings

Navigate to User Menu User Settings Git Settings. Fill in required fields as follows:

Git AccountYour git username/account namejack-bauer
Author NameName of the git userJack Bauer
Author EmailThe git user's email[email protected]
TokenThe git user's authorization tokenghp_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789

Now select Save and Clone to clone down your git repository and begin using git functionality inside of the Coalesce app. A popup will let you know that you successfully cloned down the repository, or if there was some issue with doing so.

Limitations and Considerations


Azure DevOps Limitation

Azure DevOps git repo URL must use the following format:



Git Username in Repo URL

By default, some git providers include a git username in the repo URL. Example https://[email protected]/customer_projects/my-edw.git.

While URLs like this are currently allowed, any authentication information in them is ignored since git URLs can be shared across multiple Coalesce users.

Coalesce will instead use the value of Git Account when authenticating.

What’s Next