Git Settings

Coalesce makes it simple to connect to your preferred git-based version control system.

This page contains general reference information about setting up a git integration, though for users new to git or curious about best practices, this hands-on tutorial may be helpful.

Supported Git Providers


Please note that while we may not test all Git providers, most will likely work with Coalesce if:

  • Git repository must be available to Coalesce via the public internet.
  • Authentication to Git is available via a Personal Access Token.

Generate an Authentication Token

To enhance security, many cloud git providers have transitioned from traditional username and password authentication for remote repository access to a more secure method known as token authentication or Personal Access Tokens (PAT).

Adding a Git Account

Navigate to User MenuUser SettingsGit Accounts and click the Add button in the top right.

Adding a New git Account

Adding a New git Account

Fill in required fields as follows:

Account NicknameFriendly description of this git accountGitHub
Git UsernameYour git username/account namejack-bauer
TokenThe git user's authorization tokenghp_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789
Author NameName of the git userJack Bauer
Author EmailThe git user's email[email protected]

Click Add once finished and the new git account will be available for Projects to use.

Adding Git to a Project

To add git functionality to a Project, the simplest way is to enter your Development Workspace, click on the relevant Problem Scanner entry, then follow on-screen prompts to edit URL and select the desired git account for that Workspace's Project.

Alternatively, one can go to the Projects DashboardProject SettingsGit Repository then enter the git repository URL and click Save. Then click the ellipsis next to the WorkspaceConfigure Git Account and choose the desired git account. You can Test Account to confirm the connection works, and click Finish once done. Upon entering the Workspace, the repository will be automatically cloned.

Adding Git to a Project

Adding Git to a Project

Limitations and Considerations

  • Git repository must be available to Coalesce via the public internet.
  • Authentication to Git is available via a Personal Access Token.


Git Username in Repo URL

By default, some git providers include a git username in the repo URL. Example https://[email protected]/customer_projects/my-edw.git.

While URLs like this are currently allowed, any authentication information in them is ignored since git URLs can be shared across multiple Coalesce users.

Coalesce will instead use the value of Git Account when authenticating.

What’s Next