Git Integration

Coalesce leverages git version control to manage changes to your project. If you are new to Git, checkout our Resources.


Git Repo Format Upgrade

We have updated the way files are committed into Git. Previously it was split into a data.yml and the specific nodes.yml files. Now you can see the changes for:

  • Node Types
  • Environment Mappings
  • Subgraphs
  • Jobs
  • Macros

How to Opt-In

Organization Administrators can turn it on for the whole organization. Go to Org Settings > Preferences and Enable Git Repository Format Update. Once enabled, all Workspace users will be prompted to switch to the new format. They won't be able to make commits until they switch to the new format.

  • Users will be notified the upgrade is available, but will not be able to upgrade.
  • Previously committed metadata can still be deployed after the upgrade.

Learn more about what gets committed in What Gets Committed.


Git Repo Format Is Permanent

Once the Git Repo Format has been enabled, it can’t be turned off.

Action Required

This feature is opt-in until August 1, 2024. After August 1, 2024, all Git repos will be automatically updated.

Supported Git Providers


Provider Not Listed

If you provider is not listed, you might still be able to connect if your repo is:

  • Git repository is available to Coalesce through the public internet.
  • Authentication to Git is available using a Personal Access Token.

We have not tested every available Git provider.