Set Up Version Control (Git)

You’ll set up your Get integration when creating a new project.

Get an Authentication Token

Many cloud git providers have transitioned from traditional username and password authentication for remote repository access to a more secure method known as token authentication or Personal Access Tokens (PAT). Coalesce requires a PAT.

Git Fields

You’ll need the following information ready to connect your account.

Account NicknameFriendly description of this git accountGitHub
Git UsernameYour git username/account namejack-bauer
TokenThe git user's authorization tokenghp_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789
Author NameName of the git userJack Bauer
Author EmailThe git user's email[email protected]

Git Username in Repo URL

By default, some git providers include a git username in the repo URL. Example https://[email protected]/customer_projects/my-edw.git.

While URLs like this are currently allowed, any authentication information in them is ignored since git URLs can be shared across multiple Coalesce users.

Coalesce will instead use the value of Git Account when authenticating.

Create a New Project

  1. Make sure you are on the Projects page. If you are on the Build page , select the back arrow.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) next to Projects.
  3. Fill out the Project Details.
  4. Enter your Git repo URL.
    1. Coalesce supports many providers .
  5. Then select a Git account to use. It should be able to view and make requests to the Git repo in the previous step.
  6. If you don't a Git repo configured, then select Add New Account.
    1. Enter an account nickname. This will displayed in the interface.
    2. Enter the Git username and token.
    3. Enter the Author Name, which identifies the committer.
    4. Enter the Author Email, which identifies the committer email.
    5. Click Add.
    6. Select the Git account you just created in the drop down, then click Test Account.
  7. Once successful, click Finish.
  8. Now that you've added a Project, you need to add a Workspace .

Add Git to an Existing Project

There are two places you can add Git to an existing project, either through the Problem Scanner or the Project Dashboard.

Add Git Using the Problem Scanner

Go to your Development Workspace, click on the relevant Problem Scanner entry, then follow on-screen prompts to edit URL and select the desired git account for that Workspace's Project.

Add Through the Project Dashboard

Next to Create Workspace, select the ellipses and Configure Git Account.

Add a Git Account

In the Coalesce App, go to User Menu > User Settings > Git Accounts. Click Add. Fill in the account information.