Snowflake Key Pair Authentication

Coalesce supports Snowflake’s key pair authentication for connecting Development Workspaces and Environments to Snowflake instances. Both encrypted and unencrypted private keys are supported. Encrypted keys have a corresponding passphrase that is required to use them, while unencrypted keys can be used directly. While keys are allowed to be encrypted with an empty passphrase by Snowflake, this is not supported in Coalesce and will result in an error.

Before you begin, go through Snowflake’s key pair authentication steps to generate your keys and assign the public key to your Snowflake user.

  1. Navigate to Build Settings> Environments/Development Workspaces.
  2. Select Edit on the environment/workspace that you wish to connect to Snowflake using Key Pair Auth.
  3. In Edit Environment/Workspace > User Credentials, select Authentication Type as Key Pair .
  4. Enter your Snowflake Username , Private Key, Private Key Passphrase (if applicable), Role and Warehouse into their respective fields and Save. Click Test Connection to ensure this works as expected.
Key Pair Configuration Screen

Key Pair Configuration Screen