How To Fix Un-Linked References in Sub-Graphs in Coalesce

In Coalesce, Subgraphsare visual tools that help the user organize complex transformation workflows into smaller units. In this short article we will resolve a common issue, that is unresolved visual references to nodes when referencing objects in Sub-Graphs.

In a scenario where tables feeding dimensions and fact tables are not consistently linked in the graph, users may encounter challenges despite following similar logic. Additionally, situations may arise where a Sub-Graph fails to display links between tables, even when referenced in the Pre-SQL code.


You can solve this in two ways.

Use Ref Functions

Use [special macros][] called ref_link() and ref_no_link() create dependencies to the Nodes without writing the fully qualified name into the script, offering a targeted solution for the visualization challenges.

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Include the Table in the WHERE or FROM Clause

Include the table in the WHERE or FROM clause of the join but commenting it out. This ensures that Sub-Graphs recognize commented-out tables as part of the metadata, even if they are not utilized in the join.