Overview of the Build Interface

The Build Interface is where you'll spend most of your time creating nodes, building a graph with them, and transforming your data.

The Build Interface

The Build Interface

Left Sidebar


  • Nodes - Lists all the nodes in your graph by node type
  • Sub Graphs - Lists all your subgraphs and the nodes within them
  • Jobs - Lists all your defined jobs

Other Options

Left Sidebar Extension

When you choose a Category or open the Problem Scanner and this pane will open to reveal details.

DAG Editor

This is the main area where you'll edit your nodes and create a data transformation pipeline.

  • Close All Tabs - This will close all open tabs except the main one
  • Graph View Selector - This is used to select different ways of viewing the DAG (Graph, Node Grid, Column Grid)
  • Show Filter - toggles viewing a filter that enables Selector syntax to be used
  • Run All - This button will run all your nodes, as well as offer other options in the pulldown menu
  • Zoom Tools - These allow you to zoom in and out of your graph

Results and Data Pane

This pane will show results and data from the selected Node. You may need to click on Fetch Data for it to populate.